How To Get Rid Of Sore Joints

You can’t make an injured joint better by ignoring the pain, it just gets worse. Furthermore, if you lay off the pain just “sits there.”

The goal is to … get fresh blood into the injured area and … you’ve got to do it without causing pain. If you grit your teeth and put up with even a little bit of pain, the injury doesn’t go away it just gets worse. The exercise has to be totally pain free.

That’s why “Rep Speed” is so helpful. This very slow rep speed is perfect for detecting exactly where the pain originates. You can move the elbow, the wrist or change the body position; whatever it takes to get rid of the pain. In this way, you can still do the exercise.

Once you’ve got the “pain free” track nailed down you’re on your way to rapid healing.

You’ll feel younger, look younger and be so excited you’ll have to force yourself not to over do it.

The sheer joy of what’s happening to your body while using this type of training will rest on your consciousness throughout the day and fill your dreams at night.

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