How To Gain Muscular Bodyweight

It has been five years now with only small progress. I have an average frame. It is hard for me to gain weight. At least it is hard to gain muscle. I train on the every other day split and run three miles before my workout. I use heavy weights and follow all your methods

Vince. I want to grow big so bad. I’ll go nuts if I don’t.

Correction. You do not, repeat not, follow my methods.

My pupil Larry Scott had a hard time gaining muscular bodyweight, but he listened to me. He weighed 205 at his best, and even today, although he is very busy with his Health Club in Salt Lake City, he still weighs around 200 with 20 inch arms.

He did not run then and he does not run now. Hard gainers cannot expect to gain quality muscle if they run. You are running right into your psychiatrist’s arms! Stop today.

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