How To Gain Muscular Bodyweight

Rick Wayne Vince's Gym

The great majority of people who come to be our students are those who have a need for greater body weight.

Our improved system of body culture has allowed us to increase body weights of solid flesh on individuals who have such needs.

Every case can gain. Some do take longer, but in the final analysis, results are assured.

I repeat: Everyone Can Gain!

Several hints, as follows, may be a good aid in helping to gain weight. Of course, the program of exercise that is offered, is of greatest importance.

1. During your exercise period, drink. Between each exercise you may drink (one pint after each muscle worked). Do not drink out of the drinking fountain because you swallow air.

2. Eating three good generous meals a day is a necessity. Even more beneficial, if time permits, would be six small meals per day.

Include a great deal of good broiled meats, baked potatoes, stewed fruits, eggs, brown rice, thick soups, stews, nuts and the natural grains. Be sure to include vegetables of the green and yellow variety.

3. You may at 10 –  2 –  4 and bedtime, drink certified raw milk each day in addition to your regular meals.

4. One thing to remember is to allow your meals to digest thoroughly by lying or sitting with you feet propped up on a high footstool after each meal.

5. If you take your lunch to school or work, the best sandwiches for weight-gaining are made of 100% whole wheat, pumpernickel or rye breads, avocado and bacon, peanut butter and bacon or cream cheese.

6. It is my observation that 90% of the people who smoke are unable to gain weight. I feel that I cannot guarantee substantial weight gains to cigarette smokers.

7. Do not miss a workout unless absolutely imperative, as your whole body-building program is based on regular habits.

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