How To Enlarge Your Rib Cage

Can I increase my rib box shape and size with bent arm pullovers? I want to have a huge chest with a tight muscular waist.

Do not do heavy pullovers. They over stretch the abdominal fascia and your waist will just get sloppy.

You cannot greatly change your natural rib cage beyond its normal shape, nor can exercise significantly enlarge your rib cage.

  1. Hmm… he had superior genetics so getting EXACTLY his chest shape would be hard. But my best guess would be the wide grip neck press with and without incline, Wide dips and incline DB press.

  2. The old bodybuilder do heavy pull over and recommend it and not have a sloppy chest.. And the rib cage can be expand, their was a study with 65 years old women

  3. I believe Vince recommended things like this because so many people were novices. I have used the pullover for years, however, I mind the stretch and have adjusted to keep things ‘tight’ so to speak. Vince gave ‘standard’ advice for people because he had no idea what their understanding was. This is why so many people are confused and state Vince contradicted himself.

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