How To Develop Lower Pecs

I am writing you on the question of articles. I have read many times that you stress pec-isolation dips (32” wide) for general all-around , balanced pecs. Does this not over-develop the lower pecs and later in years produce a flabby look if not a tit looking appearance?

I have seen many bodybuilders who, after 45 or even younger guys, have sagging looking chests.

Just what is the best system (if any) for keeping tight looking through life?

My guess would be a low-carbo diet and a high cardiovascular workout tempo, but what about the right exercises?

This one is easy! The sagging musculature you describe is the loss of male hormone output in later life.

The only way to counteract this condition is to supply the body with hormone procuring foods (material) such as eggs, tri-germ oils etc.

If you would like me to give you a ridiculous solution, don’t ever develop any low pec line!!!

By the way, how much low pec do you have now? Enough to worry about?

  1. ”Don’t ever develop any lower pec line!!!” This, to me makes no sense. Ur lower pec grows whn u do dips. Sorry, no offence.

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