How To Build Thick Pecs

I cannot get my pecs to thicken up. I do plenty of bench presses and I work up to over 300 pounds for 2 reps.

I finish up my chest routine with six sets of cross over pulleys to build up the inner chest, but my pecs are still not big and rounded like I want, which is like melons standing off of my chest, so that I can win contests.

Why in hell would you want big rounded pecs?

With all respect I just cannot see it.

What you need is balanced impressive pecs with a full rounded line from your sternum to your armpits. Sure you want big pecs but big rounded melon pecs…ugh! You will look narrow and bunched up.

I suggest you go for wide pecs first which means building up the outerline, so that you will look impressive under pose lights. When you have “the line” you can thicken up your pecs with five quality sets of flying motions, 8 reps each set.

How do you get the line? Wide grip (30-33”) dips, feet forward, elbows out, chin on chest…work up to “five good sets!”

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