How To Build The Upper Chest

I have a young hopeful training under my supervision, but he has a problem that you may be able to advise me on.

The inside front of the collar bone at both sides of the neck need development (High Pectoral).

What can you suggest to build this area?

The area you describe is the pectoral attachment to the clavicle bones, and the key exercise is the incline Dumbell Press.

This exercise is performed on a 45° incline bench. Supine position with two dumbbells using 1/3rd of the maximum weight your student can handle for 6 reps.

The second set, use 50% of the maximum weight 6 reps, and the third set, 75% of maximum weight. 4th set, work up to 100%; again to 75%; and 6th set, 50% maximum. 7th set, 1/3rd maximum weight.

This should be enough work for a boxer to develop the clavicular area.

The exercise is best performed with the dumbbells held with the knuckles facing the body. Do not hold the dumbbells as you would a barbell, because this position is 75% deltoid, and you are trying to develop pectoral.

  1. you’re all wrong… vince was indeed retarded in his methods and reasoning. but there is an “upper chest.” it’s called the clavicular head. and i would never say “as a personal trainer” before saying something. I’ve only seen a handful of trainers that actually know what they’re doing. it’s so easy to become a trainer that anyone can do it, even when you don’t know the difference between a bench and a row (yes I’ve witnessed this).

  2. Vince Gironda was an idiot. Many of his exercises are harmful to the body and downright dangerous in some cases. A good point of this is his sissy squat. If performed as he suggests, this exercise put tremendous strain on the abdomen, possibly causing a rupture.
    Also Gironda mentions exercising the upper chest. There IS NO upper chest. The muscles of the chest are not divided into lower and upper.
    Genetics are the main reason a body part develops, not any special way to exercise.

  3. Harmful? Based on what evidence? If you think the sissy squat is harmful, you’re not doing it correctly. Strain on the abdomen? WTF?

    Genetics are NOT the main reason a body part develops and there certainly IS an upper part of the pectoralis muscles that can be targeted. The pecs are a “fan” of muscle strands that go from the lower chest to the upper chest. Development comes from proper work of the areas. Understand anatomy and physiology before making ignorant statements.

  4. The Sissy Squats that Vince described gave me well developed legs and abs!
    As for upper chest development…the upper pecs can indeed be developed depending upon the angle and stretch One chooses to apply.
    As a personal trainer of 30+yrs…I can assure anyone that Vince was right 99.9%.

  5. Strain on the abdomen? For some people with injured or week knees it can be strenuous on their knees.
    Done sissy squats for years with and without weight and have never even felt the slightest stretch it in the abdomen.

    When it comes to incline DB press I do prefer an incline about 25° and pulling the elbows back at the stretch position.

  6. What did Vince mean by “Do not hold the dumbbells as you would a barbell,”?-
    In a barbell press the hands face towards the ceiling – push the bar away from your body.

    Here, Vince tells us to keep the palms as in dumbbell fly position ( because the pecs are the primary adductors of humerus).
    Vince himself is performing here.

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