How To Build Lats

Lats Vince. How do I get them?

I want both thickness and width.

Please give me your choice for best lat exercises and any other tips. I have been training for five years, am 23 years old and my lats are not good.

In fact, they are lousy. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I like using the lat machine for building the latissimus muscles.

Choose at least three different exercises pulling from different angles. The long fibres are worked well with the wide grip lat machine pulldowns.

Next, for the teres major area perform the horizontal seated pulley, bringing hands in to waist.

Finally, try the 45 degree lat pulley pulldowns for the belly of the lats.

Important: make each rep a long pull from beginning to end. Work over the entire range of the exercise. No cheating, if the lats do not respond then hold each contraction for a count of six seconds (ie: on lat pulldowns, keep the bar touched to the back of the neck for six seconds).

This maximizes the nerve impulses and encourages muscle response.

Start with 2 sets of 8 each exercise, work up to 4 sets of 8.

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  1. 45 degree lat pulley pulldown is a really effective exercise and I love it. 90° race dive row is another great exercise. 😉

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