How To Build Lat Thickness

Vince, I have to tell you that you are the greatest trainer ever. After spending three weeks at “Vince’s” I learned more than I would have in a lifetime training in my hometown.

Thank you for helping me get on the right track. I am still improving almost every workout, but I need a little advice about back building.

I notice that I neither have width or thickness in my lats. Any help would be appreciated.

Glad you enjoyed your stay John.

I liked working with you because you listened so diligently.

With regard to your back I suggest you train the area twice a week but use three different back routines (rotating them in order).

Workout No. One. Wide grip chins (to front), T-Bar Rows, Long Floor Pulley Rows

Workout No. Two. Racing-dive lat pulls, Close grip chin, Dumbell Rowing

Workout No. Three. Medium grip chin, Close grip pulldowns to chest, Hyper extensions.

Start with three sets of each exercise (eight reps) and work up to five sets of each.

As you get into the program decrease the rest time between sets as much as possible but not so much as to allow deep breathing to interfere with exercise performance.


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