How Many Sets And Reps Did Vince Gironda Recommend?

Vince Gironda Amazing?

I still cannot figure out what system of reps you recommend.

Can you fill me in on this basic problem?

I like to use 8 sets of 8 reps (the honest workout) for the most part.

I never suggest a pupil use more than 12 reps except in high rep muscle areas such as the forearms and calves, both of which can be worked 15-20 reps.

I do not regard the abdominals as a high rep muscle. They should be worked in the same way as the regular body parts (ie. 8-12 reps).

I do feel there is a case for low reps (4-6) especially if the muscle and tendons need strength.

Of course when recommending “up and down” the rack, I only suggest 4 reps, but of course there is no more than three seconds between sets using this system.

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