How can I get a lower body fat percentage?

I need more definition. Please Vince, I hear you have trained many champions. Even Bob Kennedy, Publisher of MuscleMag, says he listen to everything you say.

How can I get a lower body fat percentage?

Take no milk products. Take 300-500 mg of Vitamin C daily. Do not drink water during workouts. Avoid sodium (cottage cheese, hamburgers and fast food contain high sodium (salt).)

Increase fats while decreasing overall calorie intake. (Fats aid protein assimilation and can step up metabolic rate).

Read my bulletin #5 Secrets of Definition.

  1. does it come with no additional b12 ? so I would prefer.. also being in Italy now I am looking for an english retailer because when supplements packages are shipped from the US they are always stopped by our customs that wants medical clearance and also they charge a huge amount of taxes before releasing the product and I am not intending to undergo this ridiculous procedure. So I need to purchase from the UK or wait till I come back to the US

  2. why,oh tell me why you changed the formula that was top of the line ,for years?I cant find a container of 1000 any more and when I get to the bottom of the container I have a quarter of a cup powder and no longer is the supplement facts on the side of the jar,NSP was my favorite for it has changed.mjlong.

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