Gary Busey

Gary Busey

John Milius sent Gary Busey to work with Vince in order to get ready for “The Big Wednesday”.

Once he got there Gary saw a photo of Arnold doing a most muscular pose.

Gary Busey: “I don’t want to look like that”

Vince Gironda: “Don’t worry, we’ll stop just before you get to look like that”.

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  1. Even today, many people still seem to have the misconception that working out with weights will automatically make you humongous, like you wake up one morning and find that you “accidentally” got as big as Arnold at the height of his bodybuilding career.


    Muscle growth for most of us is an excruciatingly long and slow process. Competitors have been doing this for years, and already have good genetic potential for muscularity, not to mention a lot of very, very expensive chemical “assistance” to help them get gigantic.

    You NEVER have to worry about accidentally getting huge from lifting weights.

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