Gaining Muscular Bulk With Squats And Deadlifts

Is it possible to gain muscular bulk without doing heavy squats and deadlifts? It is uncomfortable for me to do these two exercises because I have hemorrhoids and weak knees. When I push squats and deadlifts my thighs begin to get larger, but so do my hemorrhoids, so this is no good.

I understand that you don’t even have squat racks in your gym, so will the above course help me to gain bulk without squatting?

I have a small bone structure, if this makes any difference.

1 – 15 percent extra gains can be acquired in the upper body by including leg work. But not squats as they spread and develop glutes and upper thigh disproportionately. Please stick to Hack Slide and Sissy Squats only! The hyperextension for lower back is superior to deadlifts!

2 – Bone structures means nothing.

3 – As to your question as to whether you will gain or not, write me in 90 days and let me know how much you have gained.

(Musclemag Vol 2 issue 1)

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