Feeling Hungrier After Exercise

I am always hungry and all my life I have eaten pretty well what I like. As a consequence I am fat.

Now I am starting to exercise with weights to get in shape (finally at 49 years of age!)

I read in a book that exercise curbs the appetite, but it seems to me that I get hungrier after exercise.

What do you think? Also, will salt make me fatter?

There is supposed to be some scientific evidence to show that exercise curbs the appetite. I have never noticed this.

What exercise appears to do is normalize the appetite. It puts you in touch with your true need for food.

You will also find that the more muscle mass you build, the better able you are to stay lean (void of fat). Muscle cells are active cells. They maintain a slight continuous contraction (tone) and they burn calories continuously.

Fat cells are inactive, burning very little energy (calories).

Salt (sodium) holds 180 times its weight in fluid. Too much can bloat you out.

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