Exercise Machines Versus Free Weights

I would like your opinion on the controversy of machines versus weights?

Your views are important to me.

I notice people that come to me from all over the U.S.A. to take my 3-day split routine and consultation, who exercise at home with machines, have no knowledge of working out at all – the function of muscles, what muscles do what, how to direct the feeling you’re supposed to get from the movements of the muscle you are using, no mind-to muscle communication.

It doesn’t occur to them to be curious about the feelings one should experience from movement.

Because, with machines (inanimate objects), there is no curiosity aroused. Movement can only be done one way with no variations possible. This experience is not creative. How can you create a new, alive, vibrant body with a machine?

Creativity plus expanded expression can only be realized with free weights. Machines are cold, soulless objects. Barbells and dumbbells are wonderful and magical things that can create miracles. Barbells are really nothing less than magic wands that change anyone who appreciates them to anything they sincerely desire to be.

Barbells and dumbbells can do anything your creativity conjures up.

Like a painter’s brush, there are an unlimited number of movements that you can create with a barbell or a dumbbell.

How can you go wrong with all of this magic?

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