Eggs And Steroids

Steroids were initially devised to create positive nitrogen balance for burn cases, malnutrition in the aged and prison camp victims. These patients were not kept on these drugs for any length of time because of the side effects. I am sure all bodybuilders are aware of this. They were used only long enough to create new tissue (burns) and put weight back on malnutrition victims (water retention and protoid tissue).

But what about eggs? Hospital tests show that high egg diets produce remarkable healing results in severe burn cases. Patients suffering burns from 30-60 per cent of their bodies show remarkable results when fed a high egg diet. Also, skin graft acceptance with little infection has been reported by Modern Medicine Magazine from results obtained in an Israeli Hospital. The patients tested were served up to 35 eggs per day cooked and raw. And the huge quantity of eggs used caused no rise in serum cholesterol levels. The point I am trying to make here is that positive Nitrogen balance may be
achieved with No Dangerous Side Effects by using natural methods. They could have used steroids in these tests!

Why didn’t they? Eggs are your number one quallty protein and the cheapest protein available! Milk is second, but high in carbohydrate and fattening – and meat is third. I, personally, have trained very hard using eggs, butter and beef and achieved the best results of my life. My feeling is that steroids are a “copout” for not knowing how to train, and I also feel that since the advent of synthetic hormones all exercise experimentation and research along this line has come to a standstill except for Art Jones and Dennis DuBreull experiments. Aside from liver, kidney and prostate damage which are a few of the side effects of synthetic hormones, another one which I do not wish to suffer from is loss of hair on the head No, thanks!

(IronMan Magazine May 1977 Vol. 36 No. 4)

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