Effective Shoulder Movements

I noticed in your book “Unleashing the Wild Physique” which you wrote with MuscleMag’s editor Bob Kennedy, that you recommend shoulder exercises that I have never heard of, such as the dumbbell press and negative lateral movement, the high bench lateral raise, the dumbbell side swing, the dumbbell circle and the Scott press.

Are these really good shoulder movements or are you just trying to show us bodybuilders that you know more different movements than anyone else?

Vince, I badly need shoulder size, especially width. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I “borrowed” a complete weight set from a friend of mine and I am getting a bench from an Uncle next week, so I have the equipment I need.

Answer soon Vince – I can’t train until I hear from you on this.

Here we go again! First the guy insults me, almost calls me a liar; and then he asks for advice.

I can’t really help too much without knowing what you look like, and what your present routine is.

Send me a picture of yourself (if you dare) and I’ll put it in this column together with some direct advice on shoulder work, especially for you. Include also your height, weight and current routine.

Meanwhile go for four sets of eight reps in the high pullup with barbell and four sets of eight reps with the standing lateral raise.

I know it’s hard in these depressive times, but try and hold back on the rudeness when you next write to me.

The only good thing you’ve done is buy my book. Or did you “borrow” that too?

  1. Great comeback Vince, I couldn’t stop laughing. What does he mean us bodybuilders, from what I understand He hasn’t even started yet until he receives your advice. Lol, not laughing at anyone just the situation.

  2. We need more people in the world like Vince! Everyone is too soft and politically correct these days, and too many crybabies when someone tells it like it is. Got nothing but respect for Vince.

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