1. I think Don Howarth looks like the perfect bodybuilder; no one needs to get any bigger or more muscular, like the steroid freaks of today. The average person would like to look like Don, but they get rather horrified at the unhealthy freaks that pass for bodybuilders in the drug world of today.

  2. I used to work out at the gym in Alhambra on Valley Blvd. while I was in college and Don Howorth was there a lot. He was a perfect combination of gymnast and bodybuilder able to do amazing exercises. A nice guy and willing to help. Told me to eat cut up stewing beef for lean protein!!! It was good advice. Good luck to a great guy!

  3. Agreed, great physique! Great photos!

    Modern bodybuilding is nothing more than a sideshow for drugged up mutants. Vince was and still is KING.

  4. This guy looked like the ideal physique should. Wide shoulders and small waist. Today everything from traps to glutes are over developed. The shorter guys look like potatoes with tooth picks sticking from them. I have been training since 1968 and the freak show just gets freakier.

  5. Don Howorth admitted to steroid use in interviews.
    So it’s surprising that Vince Gironda kept using him as a bodybuilding example, since Vince was so strongly against steroids. Maybe Vince didn’t know Don was using them?

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