Dewey Martin at Vince’s Gym

I remember Dewey Martin quite well from the early 1980s when we both worked out at Vince Gironda’s famous body-building gym in North Hollywood, CA.

He certainly looked younger than his age and was a nice, friendly guy. One wonders why Hollywood chews up actors so readily?

Dewey did an interesting Outer Limits episode and many TV spots in the 60s and early 70s then … gone. Soaps, perhaps. Many did.

Though he wouldn’t remember me, we worked out together back in the late 70s and early 80s at Vince’s Gym in N. Hollywood (along with Robert Blake and a cadre of stars). He looked great and was a nice, friendly guy. He shoulda had a bigger career … but that’s Hollywood for you! He did a terrific Outer Limits episode and a lot of TV stuff way back. The Big Sky is still one of my favorites.

If you should ever see him, tell him one of the guys at Vince Gironda’s Gym remembers him well, and says “hello … and keep on workin’ out!”

Thanks for the memories Dewey!Scott Harrison

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