Cycling And Bodybuilding

This past summer I got very interested in bicycling. Would you help me with a program concentrating on improving my performance in bicycling and yet maintain or improve my upper body? I don’t know how without over training.

I am 5’9″, 160 lbs., at 39 years of age. I have been into bodybuilding for many years. I weighed 190 lbs. about a year ago. I now like the leaner look. I have all your books and read every bit of advice you give in all the muscle mags.

You are asking a very difficult question, because you do not give enough information about your present training.

Right now you should decide whether you want to really excel at building a great body or at improving your performance in bicycling? If you want both yet fear you are overtraining, then cut back on the cycling and the bodybuilding. Perform three sets of eight on the following. Wide grip parallel bar dips, dumbbell lateral raise, seated pulley rows, leg press, thigh curls, calf raise (higher reps) body drag curls, triceps curls, crunches (higher reps).

Train each body part twice weekly (two workouts a week if you train the whole body in one session, or four workouts a week (recommended) if you split your routine.

(Musclemag Magazine March 1986 Vol. 11 No. 2)

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