Creative Cheating By Vince Gironda

Champs do whatever it takes to make a muscle grow, no matter how extreme or crazy it sounds. Champs always focus on working the muscle first and foremost as they do their sets, not lifting the weight, while wannabe’s focus more on lifting the weight — in any style – instead of working the muscle.

Another thing, champs cheat a little — Vince Gironda called it “creative cheating” while Dave Draper called it training with “rhythm” – because they know how to put the extra overload on their muscles, while wannabe’s — especially beginners and intermediates — cheat because it’s the only way they can move the weight.

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  1. We have to make a clear distinction between power lifting and bodybuilding. A not so common sense as would have you believed. Is it then any wonder most trainees resort to chemical aids like steroids in the delusion that it’ll improve their physiques, which they will – to a degree if they have bad genes to begin with. Which is understandably why Vince adamantly insist that these are the cross section of people who do not know how to train – properly, (anther reason that basic exercises gives you a “basic result”) how so true!

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