Crazy Bodybuilders

My wife says I am crazy because I eat, sleep and drink bodybuilding.

Now I’m beginning to wonder if she’s right.

I can’t get training out of my mind, and I am worrying about the adverse effect. What do you say?

All bodybuilders are crazy! Sure. Do not think that you are unusual in that you dwell on your training all the time. I have thought about little else for fifty years.

But it’s not really a good way to be. Dwelling on the subject of training all day long causes endocrine tension which can upset the chemical balance of your nervous system.

This form of tension can be absolutely destructive to the muscle building process and hider formation of new tissue. For the growth process to function to its optimum level, all of your glandular processes must operate with maximum efficiency.

Worry and anxiety over constantly dwelling on your workouts can prevent the free flow of endocrine secretions which is necessary for the rebuilding of nervous energy force.

Remember – nerve force is essential for rebuilding tissue.

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