Correctly Performing The Preacher Bench Curl

Larry Scott popularized the preacher bench curl to the point that knowledgeable bodybuilders renamed it the Scott Curl. Larry and Vince Gironda devised a specific technique to be used in conjunction with Scott curls.

We’ll pass it along as it remains the finest preacher bench curl technique yet devised: at the start of the Scott curl, as the weight is being lowered, lean backward ever so slightly.

This makes the start portion of the rep hard – which is exactly what Larry and Vince wanted. As the weight is curled upward, lean forward in subtle, synchronized fashion. Time the lean so it coincides with rep stroke.

Lean back maximally at the start and forward in a gradual fashion as the bar travels to lock-out. Sequence the lowering portion; as the bar is lowered, lean back to start the next curl. This cocks the trigger for the next rep. At the top of the stroke your nose should hover inches from the bar.

Use a complete range-of-motion (ROM). No half-reps or partial reps; lower the bar all the way down and never ever bounce out of the low position to utilize rebound momentum. You can dislocate an elbow.

Use Larry’s curl technique with a wide range of reps. Be sure to include forced reps. It would be about impossible for your arms not to grow using this protocol.

Test ride this technique if you are serious about getting big guns.

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  1. I use this technique everytime I use the preacher machine, and the barbell curl(little different standing). I is excellent. Full range of motion, stretch, and forced reps. Can’t beat it!!!

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