The Wild Physique

Ultimate Bodybuilding For Men and Women With Vince Gironda

Weight Loss and Protein Requirements

I’m a former fat guy turned fitness devotee. The magazines would call me a mesomorph. I’m currently at around 15% body fat, following an extended cutting period. I felt that my body was no longer responding to diet after such a long time, so I’ve decided to take a six-week break from cutting to see if it helps my fat-loss progress when I return.


Vince Gironda 8×8

The 8×8 method of training was one of Vince Gironda’s favorites – something he called an “honest workout.”


Vince Gironda on Rest Between Sets

Vince Gironda advocated resting as little as 10-15 seconds between sets, and even recommended working to such short rest periods that the hands never leave the weight.