Wide Is Wonderful For Shoulders

Vince Gironda High Pull

One of Vinces favorite exercises for the side delt was a variation on the upright row. He called them “high pulls.”

Seated Bradford Press

Vince Gironda had a different name for these … but they were named after a lifter by the name of Jim Bradford.

Pressing Movements For Deltoids

You seldom recommend pressing movements for the deltoids (shoulders) yet I have noticed that a great number of Olympic lifters of the past who did presses had really great deltoids, and even present lifters who do jerks have huge shoulders.

Effective Shoulder Movements

Vince Gironda recommends shoulder exercises that I have never heard of, such as the dumbbell press and negative lateral movement, the high bench lateral raise, the dumbbell side swing, the dumbbell circle and the Scott press.

How To Fix Narrow Shoulders

Vince Gironda, I have narrow shoulders. I realize that I cannot widen my scapulae but what in your opinion is the best exercise to make my delts look wider?

The Secret To Big Delts

I need wide, thick shoulders. Please give me the secrets Vince Gironda. I must have shoulders by next spring or summer at the latest.