Gaining Massive Triceps and Biceps

A Solution For Bigger Biceps

I do perform Gironda body drag curls, and they gave me results early on, but now I just cannot get my biceps any bigger.

Vince Gironda Triceps

Big Horseshoe Triceps

I would love to have a big old horseshoe tricep muscles sticking out of my shirtsleeve. How do you accomplish this Vince?

Building Up Puny Arms

Muscle tissue does not grow unless taxed 85 percent but beware, never work to 100 percent because maximum energy output will stop all muscular growth.

Correctly Performing The Preacher Bench Curl

Larry Scott popularized the preacher bench curl to the point that knowledgeable bodybuilders renamed it the Scott Curl. Larry and Vince Gironda devised a specific technique to be used in conjunction with Scott curls.

Biceps Shock Treatment

I have one serious problem, and that’s with my biceps. They just don’t grow like my other muscles. My triceps smother them.

Lop-Sided Arm Development

In the performance of any exercise, always THINK LEFT-HANDED if you are right-handed (if not, reverse), particularly on alternate movements; always start with your left arm.

Building Biceps Peaks

Specialization on biceps should include 4 different exercises (each for a different aspect of the biceps); 3 sets of 8 reps, followed by forearm work.