Cardio and Bodybuilding Mass

Vince Gironda was so anti-cardio, that he would literally remove you from his gym if he even heard the word “running” mentioned. No joke!

At that time, running was just becoming popular, and to Vince this was simply unthinkable for someone wanting to burn off fat and build muscle at the same time.

There are many today that would echo Vince’s sentiments…more than you may believe.

  1. I know that Vince didn’t have any Cardio exercise machines, but wasn’t the reason the one that driving your car 20 miles to run on a treadmill for an hour is just nonsense, if you could have come with your bicycle instead?
    Because when i open The Wild Physique i see a picture of Vince on a bike, so that would be a bit contradictory, wouldn’t it?

  2. Cardio exercise machines occupy a lot of space….and some of his routines were demanding enough cardio wise. Just try 8×8
    leg day after that you don’t need (or want) to do cardio! 😉

  3. #1, Vince sometimes rode a bicycle because he enjoyed it, not to burn fat. He surely didn’t go overboard.

    #3, yes, too much cardio leads to “skinny-fat” body composition.

  4. I was integrating more cardio for health, not fat loss, and was finding that it is actually starting to loosen up my skin, and not in a “oh look im losing fat” sort of way, but in a weird holding fluid under the skin sort of way. i reduced the amount of cardio, not weights, and like magic, skin is tightening up again after a major liquid whoosh.

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