Building Chest Muscle Correctly

I’ve never understood why male bodybuilders want to build huge, bulbous chest muscles. The pectorals or “pecs” run across the top of the rib cage and should be slab like in appearance, not bulging and hanging from sheer weight.

You have to add muscle in the proper places. Slap it on where it counts.

  1. Yes. I agree. However this isn’t applicable for sale der framed ectomorphs. On top of it adds more dofoxukty if one has a shallow ribcage. They face tremendous challenge changing the chest from flat to meaty. They HAVE TO build good enough size in their chest so that it’s visible. But then ectos like these can not build the mass associated with a huge, bulbous chest..

  2. I agree with the sentiment that the pecs should not be made round and bulbuous.

    However, science shows that you can’t really “target” upper pecs versus lower pecs, or outer vs. inner. So your chest will develop the particular shape that it is genetically inclined toward. You can’t change the actual shape! You just have to make sure you don’t go overboard with sheer mass.

    Also, the captcha thing on this site always has problems…

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