Bodybuilding Champions Are Born Not Made

I have been training for a couple of years but when I look in the mirror I still do not look like a bodybuilder Vince. What am I doing wrong?

The truth is that champions are born, not made, in most cases. This is because of genetic superiority.

Most people who take up bodybuilding could no more be a Mr. Universe or Mr. Olympia than they could be a professional basketball player or jockey, both of which are other examples of genetic extremes.

This does not mean that your training is hopeless. You can probably develop a body that appeals to more people and is more aesthetically developed than some of our most famous bodybuilding champions. I myself couldn’t develop the density of a Mike Mentzer or a Tom Platz but I still built a physique that shocked the world in my day and caused men like Bob Kennedy (Hard Core Bodybuilding) to unreservedly claim me to have one of the most outstanding and impressive physiques of the 20th Century.

Besides you won’t know what dormant potential you have unless you give it your best shot. So hit the Iron.

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