Bodybuilding And The Central Nervous System

It is a known fact that beyond a certain point at which a maximum pump is achieved you lose your pump.

You’ve done it. You’ve stood before a mirror and pumped your arms and in your enthusiasm – and ignorance – you continued, but at a given point you say, “What happened to the pump?” and your arms are flaccid. You see, Man Plans and God Lasts.

At a given point nature gives you a mechanism to keep you from rupturing your capillaries. What would happen if you continued to pump? You’d rupture your capillaries!

This is the same kind of thing when I tell people how to do ABDOMINAL work: Central Nervous System SHOCK.

Or you could call it Solar Plexus shock. Show me a guy that works gut everyday and I’ll show you a guy with a big, round, smooth DRUM belly.

Actually, one of the things that happens is water forming in and around the muscle. A safeguard of some sort of which I don’t completely understand. But it is a buffering and cushioning effect; both. I can only observe and tell you what I observe.

Now – don’t forget: I am a valid teacher in the field. Teacher is the key word and I don’t pass anything along unless I know what I’m talking about.

If you go ask some “muscle guy” how he got big, doing seminars and telling you what worked for T-H-E-M, and, of course, they fail to tell you about all the “supplements” they take.

And I don’t mean vitamins. “Supplements” – quote. I’m being very kind here.

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