Bodybuilder Or Weightlifter For Muscular Gains?

A bodybuilder sculpts the body to make each and every muscle standout. If Vince Gironda’s method is used, all four heads are worked to really make the muscles take shape, have definition, and aesthetics.

You are going to come to a crossroads in our game where you are going to have to decide whether you want to be a bodybuilder or a weightlifter.

When Larry Scott  entered a bodybuilding contest, do you think the judges cared if he could do a 300-pound bench press or squat with 400 pounds?

They didn’t care how much he could lift. They were concerned about how Larry Scott looked. Did he have shape, definition, and aesthetics? People who do individual exercises have individual strength. Those who do group exercise have group strength.

I cannot workout the way a weightlifter can but in turn he can’t workout the way I do.

Now you ask the question, is it possible to be a bodybuilder and weightlifter? Well unless you are a genetic superior like Vince Gironda always talked about, the answer is no.

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