Big Horseshoe Triceps

Vince Gironda Triceps

I would love to have a big old horseshoe tricep muscles sticking out of my shirtsleeve. How do you accomplish this Vince? I just have to know. 

So you want big horseshoe triceps do you? The way I did it back then was to pick out certain tricep exercises like Tricep Press Downs with a lat machine, while leaning back against a post for greater tricep tension, hands 10 inches apart.

Another exercise I would do was the Dip on the parallel bars with the upper body arched.

Tricep bench dips were another good one. My heels were about the same height as my hands and I would try to force my elbows together as I dipped.

A couple of other good tricep exercises I would use was the seated tricep extension and I would finish off the routine with tricep Kick-backs. Oh yeah, I also used and have done so up to today the One-Arm Dumbbell Tricep Extension.

I am very particular as to how I perform an exercise. I have always advocated using correct posture on any exercise my students or I might be doing. I have never been one to rest much between sets of an exercise and continually attack the triceps or any other muscle for that matter, rep after rep, set after set.

This is the only way to do it if I want my muscles to respond exactly as I wish them to react.

This keeps the triceps “hot”, flushed with blood, and is more receptive to the additional exercises. I believed back then that it was important to give the triceps or any other muscle plenty of variable work so it can be trained form all angles, so that the long, medial and lateral heads of the triceps receive proper stimulation.

This is what I now call “A Muscle Has Four Sides”. I would do 3 sets of 8 reps in each of the tricep exercises.

Remember it’s not what you do for a muscle like the triceps, but how you do it!!! If you want to get larger and more contoured triceps, you would do well to follow some of the exercises I have mentioned here.

If they were good enough for me-then they should certainly be good enough for you.

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