Biceps Shock Treatment

I am 15 years old and have been bodybuilding six months now. I’ve made wonderful progress. However, I am an Instictive Trainer, and I’ve read where you should work the muscles than aren’t well developed more, instead of the ones that are.

I have one serious problem, and that’s with my biceps. They just don’t grow like my other muscles. My triceps smother them. Could you please send me your workout bulletin? Thank you.

What your biceps need is a shock treatment! And this is performed as follows.

Start with a pair of 20 lb. dumbells and perform a standing alternate curl, palm up – 4 reps only. Do your reps slowly and curl the dumbell all the way up to the shoulder, contracting tightly.

Remember to keep the elbows pointing down to the floor, with the upper arm never leaving your side. Work up the rack in 5 lb. jumps as high as you can go in weight.

Now reverse and work down the rack to 20 lb. or less. Instead of resting, just shake your arms at your sides and continue curling.

This is all you do for your biceps, do not add any other exercises. This routine should not be employed for more than 9 workouts – or 3 weeks – or you will lose size from overwork.

After 3 weeks, go back to your regular biceps routine. This shock treatment should increase your arm size one inch in just 3 weeks.

Overwork, and you will lose the size.


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