Avoiding Bodybuilding Burnout

I have been on a real tough training program (3 exercises per body part) for just under a month and I seem to be burning out.

Please help me. I want to be a success in this sport. You are the only person I can turn to because of your famous bodybuilding theories.

You insult me Sir. I am not a theorist. I am a bodybuilding trainer with experience. And experience as we all know, is more valuable than theories, because theories can be classified as “guess-work”.

There is nothing concrete back of them, whereas practical experience obtains the “know-how”.

Therefore, I well know that no one can train exclusively on a concentrated program for too long because the time will surely come when it will cease to get further results.

Some term this the “sticking-point” others call it “staleness” whereas I term it over-taxing the nerves and muscles.

I have found three weeks of concentrated training to be about enough, and the point at which most bodybuilders become bored and stale. And at this point, after three weeks of hard training, I find that one week of rest to be much better than would a change of program, because the softening up of muscle tissue allows for renewed energy by the storing up of vitality and re-stimulation to muscles for the resumption of training.

Rest is nature’s method of restoring the nerves and whole body. Surely, this is logical. If anyone robs himself of needed rest and allows his enthusiasm to govern him, he then continues on nerve force which will soon prove detrimental for muscle-growth.

And if one cares to go into precise physiological technicalities he will readily find that the nerves need rest more than do the muscles.

Muscles over bad nerves soon become weaker under the power of mis-directed nerve force.

Far too many gymnasium instructors fail to recognize the need of relaxation for the central nervous system, which I feel controls either growth or shrinkage of musculature.

That is why I emphatically advise the application of real hard training, three times or more every week for three weeks only, and to then follow with a lay-off of one whole week so as to recuperate and give the muscles and tissues a chance to grow – and they will grow!

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