Alcohol And Bodybuilding

Vince, when you were training for competition and you consciously set yourself short-term goals to achieve. Today from what read one must keep using the mind to motivate and carry through to success.

I have bought courses, books, and tapes on motivation and goal setting but I still keep missing workouts and partying. From Friday till Tuesday I just like to drink. But I always regret it when I’ve had a hangover the next day.

Please help me because deep down I do want to be a bodybuilding success.

You may want it Henry but you don’t need it! You have to be driven uncontrollably. When I was training for competition I was inspired from within. My biggest problem was the hold back my tremendous drive. I would have willingly trained for ten hours at a time. I did not need to set goals. They were dancing in front of my every waking hour…I was hot for success. I need it! Only a handful of men in my day trained like I did and when it came to dieting, I was king of the mountain. I had an iron will. No wonder I was the most ripped bodybuilder in the world for over a decade!

You are not driven Henry. You have to send away for mail order inspiration. I feel sorry for you because the merry lunacy of having to train like a madman has its special rewards. You feel like you are different to the rest. You have an all- encompassing purpose to life. A pursuit for greatness! Let’s hope your party habits are only temporary. I myself, took a few flashes of time to drown my sorrows in alcohol, and probably most men go through a similar phase. But keep it short Henry, other wise you could become a bum!

Incidentally, the weekend is Friday night until Sunday night. How come you’re still partying on Tuesday? You only have a two-day work week or what?

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