7 Points For Optimum Bodybuilding Training

Vince Gironda

Sound advice on bodybuilding from the Iron Guru.

1. Get sufficient sleep each night. Growth can only take place after recuperation. Get plenty of rest.

2. Build up enthusiasm for each workout. Going through the motions of training will not produce results. You would be better off not training.

3. Cycle your training. Never do today what you can’t supersede tomorrow. Don’t perform more exercises or more intensity than necessary to maintain an upward growth pattern.

4. Never continue your workout so you run out of steam before the end. Work your muscles and do not overwork your nerves. Doing so will actually result in muscle loss.

5. Take an occasional layoff. You can for a new plateau if the body is rested and willing. Make your layoffs planned and not a result of being lazy.

6. Don’t forget the importance of diet. Diet is the major factor for all bodybuilding success.

7. Watch your stress level. Stress is one of the bodybuilder’s greatest enemies. Stress will alter your entire physical and mental state and cause progress to halt or even reverse.

  1. These are all good points that will surely lead to muscle and strength gains.

    A lot of people think that the key to gaining muscle is simply what you lift in the gym, but unfortunately it is a lot more complicated than that.

  2. These tips for successful body building are key to build strong muscles. Especially the tip about stress, stress can do damage even when you are not in a training regimen.

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